It has always been a passionate goal to self-publish, and there is no better platform with which to realise this dream than with pre-ordering. 


From recipe development, food styling and photography, writing, video editing, page layout, design and illustration –this whole project is very much a labour of personal love and creative experimentation. Much of the hard work has already been completed - THE LENGTH OF THE WORLD HAS BEEN CYCLED - but now it is all about product delivery.


Progress is moving along very nicely and a large body of work has already been developed. However, the project is now at the stage where additional funds are needed to reach out and utilize the additional skills of some incredibly talented individuals.


On a budget so small it has almost been non-existent, I have managed to develop all of this to date. To finish, I need that all important injection of capital to bring a product to market that I can be truly proud of. The majority of the money pledged will be invested directly into printing costs so that I can give back an incredible and altogether unique publication to you.


This has my full commitment, passion, and energy. The aim is to have all of the content completed by August this year, and then to print as soon as possible. With your support this can be achieved together. The success of our adventure was so ingrained and determined by the unreserved generosity of complete strangers. Exceptional individuals that welcomed us into their lives and gave us the strength and motivation to carry on. I hope I can call on this amazing sentiment one last time.


Please PRE-ORDER your copy of Spices & Spandex now, and be part of

the next stage of this amazing journey.