I am a normal 26 year old guy, who alongside the most exceptional of companions, decided to do something different. I am not a cyclist, nor am I a trained chef. I am not in prime physical condition, nor am I a hardened adventurist. I am simply an enthusiast; someone who thrives on setting

a challenge and not stopping until it has been fulfilled.
I am one of the unprepared, inexperienced guys who sat on a hard leather bicycle saddle for so long and in some ramshackled, ill-conceived fashion managed to complete the immense journey from a little village just outside London all the way to the very bottom of the African continent.
I am someone who derives no greater happiness than being out in the open, and experiencing

something new. One of the guys who slept rough by the side of the road, and made countless camp fires and cooked in old battered pots. Someone who was taught how to craft beautiful local fair by

even more beautiful local characters.   

That strapped unnecessary, heavy luggage to their bikes, simply because they couldn’t shake the sentiment of getting rid of useless objects. Who thought a heavy metal wok and a pink guitar were essential pieces of equipment for a trans-continental bicycle journey.
Someone who enjoys cold bucket showers and sleeping on dusty desert floors for months on end. Who revels in looking dirty, unshaved, and covered in grime; wearing ripped, patchwork clothes;

and couldn’t be happier doing so.
One of the guys who was helped, welcomed, and housed time and time again by complete strangers - who could never have completed this journey if it wasn’t for the relentless generosity and support of others.
I am one of the guys who was lucky enough to complete his dream adventure;

and now with the creation of this cookbook, has started another….


TOM is a free-lance writer, aspiring food photographer, and all-round cooking enthusiast based in

London and Cape Town. This publication is his way of combining everything that he loves to do:




From recipe development, food styling and photography, writing, video editing, page layout, design and illustration – this whole project is very much a labour of personal love and creative experimentation.
SPICES & SPANDEX is Tom’s first cookbook. This will not be his last.