with Lychee, Rocket,

& Avocado Salad.

This is one of those recipes that wonderfully incorporates a number of elements from the myriad food cultures and ingredients that we came across in Tanzania. This was a birthday dish that we prepared on a rooftop in Dar es Salaam, overlooking the Indian Ocean beyond – quite one of the most special settings we had the luxury of cooking in.



We bought the whole of this gorgeous tuna straight from the boat of a couple of local fishermen just down the road, where it was duly gutted and filleted to perfection. It was as fresh as you could ever imagine and unbeatable quality. The saltiness of the soy dressing works magically with the sweet, tanginess of the lychees, and then comes the kick from the fresh chillies at the end. When cooking with such amazing tuna, it’s surely

a crime not to eat it rare.



Serves 4


  • 6 tsp SOY SAUCE

  • 4 tsp OLIVE OIL

  • 2 tsp RUNNY HONEY

  • 2 tsp SESAME SEEDS

  • 4 SPRING ONIONS {finely sliced}

  • juice 2 LIMES {zest of 1}

  • 2 whole RED CHILLIES {(de)seeded & finely sliced}


  • 4 x 200g TUNA STEAKS {roughly 2cm thick}


  • large bag ROCKET

  • large handful FRESH MINT {roughly chopped}

  • large handful FRESH CORIANDER {roughly chopped}

  • 16 LYCHEES {pealed and cut in half}

  • 2 AVOCADOS {pealed and cut into slices}



Place all of the tuna steaks in a shallow dish. Combine the soy, olive oil, honey, sesame seeds, spring onion, lime juice, lime zest and the chilli in a cup and mix well. Pour over the tuna and make sure all the steaks are evenly covered. Place in the fridge for 30 minutes to marinade.


Get a griddle pan to a high heat and then place on your tuna. Sear for a minute on each side (including the flanks) for rare. Add an extra minute if you like it a little more well done. Once cooked to your liking, place all the steaks on a chopping board while you construct your salad.

Combine the rocket, mint and coriander and divide evenly among the four plates. Do the same for the lychees and the avocado. Slice up each steak into 1 cm thick pieces and place on top of the salad. Use the remaining soy marinade to dress the salad. Finish with an extra squeeze of lime and a sprinkling of more toasted sesame seeds.